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Coffee and people lovers

Independent coffee house run by a couple of coffee loving enthusiasts. After landing ourselves in various different jobs and careers, we decided it was our time to do what we really wanted and share our love for coffee and meeting different people with everyone else. We really wanted to create a coffee shop unlike any other, full of character and a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable in. 


We live and breathe Capuchin and are so proud of our space and our selection of coffee, cakes and brunch treats and we love to make people smile by sharing this with them. Our main priorities are serving great coffee and making peoples days that little bit better. We are so lucky to have such a lovely community of regulars around us too and we love getting to know our customers and call many of them our friends.


We really can't wait to meet you all and see what you think of our baby, Capuchin. If you are ever confused or overwhelmed by the coffee menu (we have all been there don't worry) please just speak to us and we will happily guide you to a drink perfectly suited to your tastes!

Pop along, get yourself a comfy spot and chill out - we will do the rest!

Em & Corey x


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