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Bean to cup journey

The beans we use at Capuchin Coffee are grown and roasted to meet the top quality standard we are proud to provide. All of our coffee here at Capuchin is from 100% Fairtrade Arabica beans. Our cream coffee beans are a blend from Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Sumatra. These beans are delivered to a large roastery in Glasgow where they are handled and roasted with the utmost care.

This roastery is the first in the world to achieve One Carbon World's Carbon Neutral International Standard and to become part of the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative. All of these aspects are really important to us and we believe they help make our coffee taste that little bit sweeter. When our coffee beans land with us, their freshness is preserved and brewing methods are adapted for each batch to ensure consistency and optimum taste. Give the Capuchin Coffee blend a try and give your tastebuds a party.

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